Private Tour: Mambo Combo Rappel & Raft

Private Tour: Mambo Combo Rappel & Raft

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

9 Hours

$255 Per Person

Every Day at 7:00 am

White Water Rafting at Balsa River

- Enjoy a perfect blend of canyons, rappelling, whitewater adventure, wildlife and vibrant jungle
- Go where a few have had the privilege to roam
- Ride the waves of the Rio Balsa
- Have a delicious lunch at a charming, rural location

Looking for an exclusive and private full-day of adrenaline in Costa Rica? We can help you combine the exciting Lost Canyon Adventures Canyoneering and rafting on the beautiful Rio Balsa for a full-day of pure adrenaline in your own, private, small group!

The Mambo Combo Rappel and Raft private experience is the perfect blend of canyons, rappelling, whitewater adventure, wildlife, rolling rapids, and vibrant jungle.

Here is what you'll do on your full-day Arenal COMBO tour of canyoning and rafting:
Canyoning in the Lost Canyon - this is an experience of a lifetime! Go where very few have had the privilege to roam! Imagine yourself in the midst of a thick rainforest, at the top of a magical canyon, full of tropical waterfalls with surprises each step of the journey! Youll get to rappel, down-climb, and experience amazing free-falls and guided rappels. When you finish up this heart-pounding part of the Arenal Combo, you will head back up we will provide you a snack to keep your motor running and you will head back down the mountain on one of our Desafio original Jungle Limos to catch your ride to our private put-in of the Rio Balsa.

You will ride the waves of the Rio Balsa for about 2.5 hours along 10 kilometers of lush Costa Rican rainforest. Youll finish off this fun-filled Arenal Combo day with a delicious lunch at a charming, rural location.

We take you back to your hotel in private transportation so you can recap all of the fun and adventure that you had during your Arenal Mambo Combo in La Fortuna.

Private transport to/from your hotel and activities
The best rafting and canyoneering guides in Costa Rica
High quality safety gear
Traditional snack
Tropical fruit break
Home-cooked Cultour lunch
Lots of adventure

Standard Tour:
Minimum 2 guests.

No age requirements.

Traditional snack, Tropical fruit break, Home-cooked Cultour lunch

Secure shoes
Clothes to get wet in
A change of clothes for after the tour
Appetite for adventure

Meeting Location
Door-to-door service and pick up at your hotel in the La Fortuna area in Zone 1. Clients staying outside of Zone 1 will be required to pay an additional fee.

Hotel pickup available!

Call (870) 972-5580 for more information or to book today! Mention code 13420699

Tour Operator
Project Expedition
Offer valid through 5/21/2017
1 Days
Escorted - Yes
Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level - Moderate
Day 1La FortunaCanyoning.
ContinuedLa FortunaWhite Water Rafting at Balsa River.

Click Quote or call (870) 972-5580 to get additional information on your chosen travel date. Special offers or competitive pricing may be available!

DatePrice / DescriptionQuote
05/19/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
$255.00* (USD) / Per Person
$255.00* (USD) / Per Person
05/20/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
05/21/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
$255.00* (USD) / Per Person
05/22/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
05/23/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
05/24/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
05/25/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
05/26/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
05/27/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
05/28/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
05/29/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
05/30/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
05/31/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/01/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/02/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/03/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/04/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/05/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/06/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/07/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/08/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/09/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/10/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/11/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/12/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/13/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/14/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/15/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/16/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/17/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/18/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/19/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/20/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/21/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/22/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/23/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/24/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/25/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/26/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/27/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/28/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/29/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/30/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/01/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/02/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/03/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/04/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/05/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/06/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/07/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/08/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/09/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/10/2017$255.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
White Water Rafting


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